Quick advertising question

How much robux should I use to advertise my game? This is a very quick question. I will use at most 1750 robux. Thank you!

I’d say you should put more considering the fact that it appears player retention and total players have gone up due in part to quarantine. So I’d say 1750 would be a good investment especially now, Capitalize on it while you can.


people always say 250,000R$ is a pretty good amount but I do not have that much and you probably don’t either and I tried 1750 it brought only 500 people at separate times so about 21 an hour and thats not the best im just gonna say.

I am not a big developer so I don’t have much robux. If my game ends up being successful and I make a profit I’ll use it to advertise in bigger amounts (and of course make badges, etc.)

yes same and my way of getting robux is making assets in roblox and sell them for 50$R to 500R$ to multiple people and save up money!

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