Quick Animation Reel "Slip and Fall"

Hello, developers! Throughout the year, my 2022 goal was to animate successfully, so I downloaded Moon Animator, watched a few tutorials, and made my first community, short animation.

Any feedback or suggestions I can improve next time?


The animation looks nice but the face the avatar makes at the end is bizarre, I’d change that.

But otherwise it looks great.

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The animation is pretty cool, but yeah, what complicated said.

My suggestions are to use OBS studio for recording, and maybe make the slide animation less dramatic.

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this is really good congratulations!

Thanks for the feedback and the suggestion!

Thanks for the suggestion! I tried using Fraps to record, but since OBS Studio could make the quality better, I’ll change it.

Good start. The best part of the animation is probably the walking section before the character hits the peel since it’s the most lifelike and makes use of every body part.

The animation is quite linear, however, meaning that the parts don’t ease in or out of movement but rather move at a consistent speed. I haven’t used Moon Animator before (I use the default editor), but I’d suggest playing around with easing styles and directions to make the animation feel a bit less mechanical.


the faces r bizar, but it is also very unrealistic, linear, and not smooth.

we can’t really see the face changes (but i saw all three faces the first time you bet)
and he shouldn’t look up like that, especially taht fast.

the walk animation is also… unnatural, as well as speeding up and slowing down too much. and he also literally does a full on face and full body slide across the floor and is not hurt at all. for realz.

judging this animation, it is very clear to see that you are a beginner, and i hope to see you make progress.

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when the character steps on the banana, they slip but not very accurate though since the normal cause of bananas making you slip is due to its friction and the only time used banana peels can make you trip is when they are standing from their bottom (which are slippery cause of the you know things you eat which are slippery if unfinished) and then your banana peel acts like a ice skate of your feet which can create a sudden slide if you don’t expect it

in terms of realism, the character lunges a bit too far (banana friction doesn’t do it and will just instantly make you fall on the bottom with less frontal movement), when the character slides from the banana the distinctive issues is that the momentum ends too abruptly and that your arms have an unavoidable reflex to stretch towards the wall similar to when you do push-ups

on some hard to see stuff, the legs extend a bit too further close to your back which in bone limitations is a slight bit unrealistic, the sliding direction quickly strafes to the right a bit nearby the end of the momentum

other than that cool animation

(i forgot to note some slight plausible details that you do not slide on a floor at all if its textures are rough and not ice-like or perfectly smooth)

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