Quick Feedback on "Texture Clashing."

Hello all,

I’m creating a game, Castle Tycoon, and I would love some really quick feedback on the textures of this map. I’m not sure if the low-poly-on-textured look looks okay… Don’t overthink it to much, just go with your gut feeling please :slight_smile:.

Here is the map:

Thanks for the help! Hope you all sleep well tonight,

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I would probably say make the low poly stuff more realistic, to fit with the castle look. Though I am no expert.

What if I lived in Australia :laughing::laughing:

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Depends what look you’re going for. The castle textures look kinda out of place with the mountains and ground, so either maybe the castle would fit in with completely smooth plastic for the simplistic design, or maybe add some realistic texture to the mountains and ground for a more realistic design. Just personal opinions!

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Okay! So it sounds like either make it all realistic or all low poly, just no a mix of both.

To follow up:

Thank you for your valuable opinions! I went for no textures and I think it looks much better!

Thanks for your help,

Hello Developer,

Thanks for reaching out to other fellow Developers across Roblox using Roblox DevForums.

First of all, I would like to compliment you on the idea and the look you’re going for. The castle and its idea generally is in my opinion suitable for players to enjoy their gameplay in the future.

I can recommend you the following things for you to consider adding:

  • More Rocks, bushes, [maybe a lake] around the world so It’s not empty.
  • Change the castles texture - Already done, great job!

What else you can add depends on how the game will develop during the development phase, so if you would like some more feedback when you’re close to release, feel free to use DevForums again.

Can’t wait to see what you create, so goodluck!

Stay creative!