[Quick Hire] Looking for Developers willing to work on a project this summer!

I’d like to keep this simple and short. If you’d like to join, Please read the entire post before contacting us on discord. This post won’t have much effort, so bear in mind and hang on!

About Us

Hey thanks for checking out this post. We are 8-Bit Community, A Development team that is currently working on a sci-fi open world game. May seem a common idea right? But no, it’s really not. We are currently looking for developers willing to work during this summer break. Now you may be wondering why this summer? Well it’s because this team was formed back exactly September 4th at 9:56:15 seconds in the minute. Which is 6 months now I think, and this project has been hold since around back in December. So, you seem interested now? Well check out who we need below and is willing to work for this summer and work all the way till around August-September 2021, so we can release the game. Do we expect this game to have high hopes or pop-off to the front page? No, But we do expect this game to have a fair amount of players. Now now, We don’t have an exact estimate cause we aren’t future guessing machines. But If you are again, interested take a look at who we need below.

Who We Need!
@username - Performance Tester a.k.a Lag Tester.
@username - Sound Artist
@username - UI Designer
@username - Secondary Scripter (Possibly)
@username - Modeller
@username - GFX Artist

Now just a little side note: Are we looking for super experienced people? No, cause we don’t have the budget. Instead we’re looking for someone who’s willing to offer a percentage of the game profit’s and someone who has at least 1 month to possibly a year of experience in these positions.

IF YOUR APPLYING: We will send you to a interview and describe the game’s quality and overall detailing.

Progress: We have no progress as the game’s concept was entirely changed and will be built during the summer, for now our “Main Team” is still in the planning stages.

About The Job

We are looking for partially experienced…

  • Sound Artist
  • UI Designer
  • Secondary Scripter (Possibly)
  • Performance Tester a.k.a Lag Tester
  • Modeller
  • GFX Artist

Our game is long ways for finishing and only at planning stages like I said earlier, When will we likely to finish? For sure before school starts back in Fall 2021.


Simple, a Percentage of Game Profits with around a small amount of experience developers. Doesn’t seem to bothering or consuming.

Contact Us

You can contact us here on Discord: Frags#2441 and we will send you to a interview with the managers.
You must be 13 years or older to apply.

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:

P.S. Sorry for the poor grammar throughout this post, I type very fast and don’t look back on grammatical errors, apologize.


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