Quick Mesh Fidelity Changer [Plugin]


Please keep in mind that this is my first plugin and I think it might be helpful to some developers.

Plugin - https://create.roblox.com/marketplace/asset/11266478954/Quick-Mesh-Fidelity-Changer?pageNumber=1&pagePosition=0&keyword=quick+mesh

This plugin allows you to convert every single mesh in your game to either performance or precise with one click of a button. This can be useful when importing things like Roblox’s Forest Pack (because 90% of the meshes it contains are set to performance)

However, if you don’t want to change every mesh in your game, I added another feature that lets you change a certain selection of meshes to performance or precise.

This GIF Demonstrates How The “Change All Meshes” Feature Works:

This GIF Demonstrates How The “Change Selection” Feature Works:

I Hope You All Enjoy This Plugin!
(If You Run Into Any Issues Don’t Be Afraid To Let Me Know)


that sounds useful!!! i would see myself using this in the future.


Couldn’t you just run a command in the console to do this?


please fix your ui.
the plugin’s functionality can be done with the command line.


You would rather write the code every single time you want to change the render fidelity vs opening the plugin and have everything happen for you in one click? I see that being a hassle

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Can you tell me how I can improve the UI. I just wanted it to be simple and easy to understand but if you have an idea please let me know.

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bruh. I can make plugin like this in 10 minutes. I think existance of price on this… is unexplainable.

  1. Get workspace / game descendants / selection objects
    2: loop this for every object:
    2.1 if object:IsA(“MeshPart”) then
    2.2 change fidelity

I think I’ll better select all mesh parts I need and change their fidelity with properties tab.

Congrats, You know how to make a plugin. However, there are some people who don’t know how to make a plugin that might find this useful. (such as the very first comment)

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Only post resources with a substantial free or open-source component here ( code must be open-source ). Post paid or closed-source service subscriptions, plugins, and other resources in #help-and-feedback:creations-feedback instead.

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Ok. I moved it to #help-and-feedback:creations-feedback

Why have a price tag on this? Anyone with barely any experience could throw it together in 5 minutes. And as others said, it would be much quicker to use the command bar rather than spend $1.50 on a plugin.

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