Quick Question about Client Lighting


Im trying to change the lighting that each client experiments… How?..
I want to change the Lighting parameters and childrens (Atmosphere, Color Correction, etc) ONLY on client. Is it possible?
I readed about Filtering…

Still works?.. Emm… idk if I really want to try that approach…

Any way to change the way a specific client see the lighting? Brigthness, Hour, etc?
Im even planning on using a GUI image layer on top of that client screen (transparent png) and progressively make it visible… I dont want to use that either…

How do I change the atmosphere for a specific client?
Thank you for ur time :3

cant you just change it from a localscript

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Try using a Local Script inside StarterPlayer.StarterPlayerScripts or StarterPack

I don’t exactly understand what you are trying to accomplish so if you could add some more information that would be appreciated