Quick question for textures

Can you guys please tell me where you get your textures from? I’m having a hard time getting textures and it’s filled with watermarks. Please tell me where you get your textures from when building without the watermarks. Thanks! :smiley: Have a good thanksgiving! :turkey:

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I’m aware this is not quite what you are looking for, but i though it might help you out,
This is a video is use to create textures in blender

Also i suggest using Textures.com to find some cool textures to use.

There’s a bunch of ways to get textures, and over 3 years of doing nothing but hoarding textures, I’ve discovered that if you want it, you can find it online eventually. First of all, google images isn’t the best place to look, but it can actually be really good for finding texture sharing websites. Usually I just look up specifically what I’m looking for (as specific as I can get) and then I just start surfing the web until I come across something close enough. If it’s not quite what I was looking for I might edit it or stitch it up with some other textures.


Thank you guys! I’ll follow the advice!

Ty! I’ll totally save this video, it seems useful!

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Do you also know a website or a way to have a picture of the interior of a house? I look it up on google images and all it shows is just the entrance and not a full tour of the house.

When i look for house interior, i look on youtube for house tours or google ‘House interior’

Thank you! I’ll totally check those youtube videos out :slight_smile:

that helps me aswell ty! and hope it will work haha.