Quick question regarding testing a game in Studio

Greetings! So, I’ve been having really weird issues with my game just now, and I just wanted to ask a quick question regarding FilteringEnabled, and the effect it has on testing games in Studio. So, when I tested my game, I changed some values within my player (aka, money) so I can afford to buy all the items. But as I do this, I notice the money text is super off each time I buy another item.

Basically what I’m trying to find out is like, did Roblox change it so if you change any values or such as you test a game, that if you change it yourself it’ll be filtered only for you, and the server would hold different data?

I probably worded this poorly, but for the longest time I thought atleast if FE was turned on in a game, and you tested it, you could change anything and it would still go through to the server. Any info on this appreciated, thanks!

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No, this is exactly what FE stops. If you change something locally, it does not replicate to the server or other clients. This is the point of FE, as it keeps exploiters from completely changing everyone’s game.


I see. I always thought testing your game out in Studio bypassed this roadblock, as the whole thing is on the client.

I’m pretty sure you can disable Accurate Play Solo in studio settings, but if it’s enabled then it should act exactly the same as in-game. There should be a button you can press to swap between client and server so that you can change values for testing.

Edit: It’s under

Studio > Advanced



Thanks for that info! :slight_smile: