Quick question (RemoteFunction)

if this is my code for a remote function

someRemoteFunction.OnServerInvoke = function(Player)
    return {
                  Condition = false

and if I invoke it like that
would it be like

local tbl = someRemoteFunction:InvokeServer()

tbl.Condition = false

I recommend checking the official roblox wiki, DevHub | Roblox They provide examples, and how to properly use it. Next time, before posting check the dev hub, and if you don’t get an answer there/have a question feel free to ask here.

there is nothing on the devhub that returns a table as an example, can you tell me if its true?

Yes, you can return a table of values and you can treat them as a regular dictionary / array with index.


so its just the regular old


Your trying to change something on the client that is stored on the server, this will not work.

Yep, just make sure to index from the actual variable that has :InvokeServer() in it and not the object itself.

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