Quick.eco to roblox

This seems like an impossible task, is there a way to connect roblox to quick.eco? And have them communicate to eachother, for example add 200 credits, it adds to the discord. And roblox.

You could have Roblox communicate with the webserver your bot is running on. For example, you could register an additional Express route for Roblox-to-bot requests, but the bot won’t really be able to communicate with Roblox.

All I need is the bot to tell robux the credits

So you want quick.eco to tell Roblox the amount of credits for a user?

If so, you can do the following:

  1. Set up an Express route (/roblox for example)
  2. When requested by a Roblox server (maybe add an authentication system) return a list of “updates” that the Roblox server will receive
  3. Have the Roblox server work with the data it just got from the route on your bot server.