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Last Update: 5/1/2020

:roblox_light: About Me

Hi! My name is Kieran! I’m a 16 year old high-school student. I’m an active member on the devforum. I typically help people with scripting, and I personally have immense experience with it.

I originally joined back in 2011, and I mostly just played games, although the motive of joining was to make games.

I am fluent in mainly JavaScript and Lua, but I also know quite a bit of Java and some Python. Most of my programming experience starts on Roblox, back in 2013 and I’ve enjoyed it ever since.

:roblox_light: Showcase


Here’s a gun system I made, some of my best work so far!

A GUI I scripted for a group, it’s a homestore gui!

A UI Design I made, pretty nice. Also made some nice effects. (Sorry about the low quality, it’s a gyazo.) (Also, I’m not doing UI Designs, I generally am not good at that type of thing)

A donation leaderboard I made for a commission, I used a custom font!

Here’s a world generation system (WIP) along with a server browser that I made.
[DEVELOPMENT] GeoSurvive - Roblox

Here’s a brickbattle game I made with a few friends that has a fully working shop system and a win leaderboard, and much, much more.
[OPEN SOURCE] ⚔ Brickbattle Minigames! - Roblox

2019 and past

These are older projects that have been scrapped, however they show a good amount of the experience I have gained. Also, the account that was previously mine had been deleted due to an old asset I had created when I was younger and less mature.

Sine Wave Visualizer

Sine Wave Audio Visualizer - Roblox

This is a small project I made using sine waves.

Script Builder

Kieran's Script Builder - Roblox

A script builder I made, it’s very simple but is an example of what I can do.

Radio System

My Radio Testing - Roblox

A radio system, it’s built upon a nice User Interface.

Gun Test

Gun Test - Roblox

A gun system test. The code isn’t great, but it’s proof of thought.

My First Serious Game: Sword Game

Sword Game [BETA] - Roblox

My first SERIOUS game, it’s called sword game. I had made some games back in 2013 and 2014, but they weren’t serious.


Stuff from a passion project where I hope to revive the feeling of a classic zombie survival game.

An Icon from a class brickbattle game that a few friends and I made

Here’s a pass icon that I made for a game of mine called sword game


An intro I made for my youtube channel

- YouTube


Music coming soon. You’ll have to wait until I get on my desktop and can upload my ableton live files.

:roblox_light: Availability

In order to stay focused on school, I am unfortunately unavailable during most of the school year. However, I usually am available during the summer, but there might be some exceptions. As of quarantine, I am much more capable of doing commissions. Contact me to learn more.

:roblox_light: Payment

My rates are based on the complexity of the project, and you can talk to me and we can work out a price.

I prefer Robux, and as of now I cannot do USD. I do not accept percentages as a primary source of payment

:roblox_light: Contact

I am not contactable due to the fact I no longer script

If you have any questions feel free to ask me on Discord or on Twitter.

If you have used my services, were you satisfied with them?

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Hey man!
Please add me:
raw blocky#3061
I’m interested in your work!

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Why did you remove the Infection game image off the 2020 showcase?, its good to be honest as a developer.

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