[R$ 17K] Hiring Uniform Designer [SCPF]

SCP Foundation

Uniform Designer wanted!

About Me

Hello, I am the owner of a 13K+ SCP Foundation with the mindset to give the SCP genre a brand new taste.

The Squad

@DecentStorm - Scripter, Game Designer
@So1otov - Mesher, Game Designer
@Unknowency - Builder

About the Job

We are looking for an experienced uniform designer that also has previous work to show. We are needing 17 uniforms in total. Please do not come up with work that has no connection with the SCP genre. [For example, cafe uniforms.]


We are paying 1,000 ROBUX per uniform [Shirt+Pants], which sums it up to 17,000 ROBUX.


You may contact me via Discord if you seem to be interested, it’s more likely for me to respond from there.



Sent you a friend request on Discord! Hope to work with you soon. AN1KKI#0918

Sent you a request. Username: kesh#4406

I contacted you, SurfersSurg#0001

Replied to all DMs, still looking for an experienced uniform designer.

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