[R$5000- R$10000] Hide and Seek maps


Hello, I am WisdomClock and founder of Polaris Studio. I am currently looking for a builder that could provide me with more content for my game.

Building style can be seen here: WisdomClock - Builder & Scripter Portfolio

Maps are rather simple but pretty. They need to be compatible with mobile devices.


Payment for maps ranges from R$5,000 - R$10,000 depends on how much you would be satisfied with.
(I can go higher)


You can introduce yourself here with some examples or;
Discord: WisdomClock#2609


10,000 R$ is $35

  • Does the location/theme of the maps matter?
  • Do ideas need to be presented first or should we just show the finished project which you can then accept or deny?

  • Location and theme do not matter. Map needs to contain hiding spots and needs to give players an enjoyable experience.
  • I’d prefer if ideas were presentes first.


Please consider taking a look at my portfolio here: AlvinPolys - Building/Scripting [OPEN]


I’m considering to apply. Going to add you on Discord!

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