[R$] Looking For Custom Skybox

Skybox Artist

About Us

I am a game investor and ROBLOX entrepreneur, I currently employ 6 talented developers and invested in 4 projects including one of my own.

The Team
@BarbieBankz - Investor/Project Manager/CEO/Shareholder
@12904 - Lead Scripter/COO/Shareholder
@NorthEternal - Scripter/Creative Director/Shareholder
@NANOPIXELLOVER - Builder/Modeler/Shareholder
@vividawg - Artist
@PandaPB - UI Artist
@sugardose - Investor/Shareholder

About The Job

The team and I are looking for someone to make us a custom skybox. I have never had one done for me yet. The skybox must match the theme of the game. The theme will be discussed privately over developer forums messages or discord.


I have never hired anyone before to create me a custom skybox, if someone could, give me a proper price estimate. The payment will be done through robux.

Contact Us

Please message me through developer forums first, I will then provide you my discord tag so we can further continue the process.

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:

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