[R15] Looking for an attacks animator (Closed)


As the post title mentions, I’m looking for an animator to work on things like sword slashes, magic casting animations, dashes, etc.

The specifics of it like examples/references along with the overall looks of the end product will be done through DMs. You should expect to do like 8+ animations. If there are any questions feel free to ask and I will try to answer.

Game examples



I will be paying with robux through group funds. How I pay it will depend with how we decide to do it when discussing along with the overall job.

I can do per asset or I could also do pay after a full piece of work done. Though depending on how well it is I should be paying around 8k+ for all of the animations total. It could be more, it could be less. Obviously the end pay will be discussed with.

How to apply

Just message me through discord with:
-Work that you are most proud of
-Or work that would surprise me

If you require to be friends before DMing then I will accept you as soon as possible. I personally do not, so you can just DM me instantly if you aren’t private.

Contact Info

Discord: Joen#1134 (Preferred method)

Alternative: You can just message me through the forum


Hey! I contacted you on discord.

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