R15/R6 compatible ragdolls

I’ve made a ragdoll that is compatible with both R6 and R15. It’s server side though, so that’s the only issue with it, other than that it’s pretty good in my opinion.

Ragdoll in action!

There’s also settings so you can edit things like:

-Ragdoll stay time
-Tool stay time
-Knockback force
-Flyback time

Oh yeah, there’s also knockback on limbs, meaning that you can apply knockback to specific limbs, you don’t need to though, since the ragdoll will handle knockback for you by default.

To get custom knockback to work, you need to:
1/ Go to where your weapons deal damage
2/ Add this line of code:

local lastLimbHit = humanoid.Parent:FindFirstChild("LastLimbHit")
if lastLimbHit then
    lastLimbHit.Value = hitPart

local lookVector = humanoid.Parent:FindFirstChild("LookVector")
if lookVector then
    lookVector.Value = just the direction that you want the ragdoll to fly


  • This ragdoll only mainly supports the blocky type of avatars, so i recommend you use a script to convert every player to the same type of avatar. I could push out an update to use the rig that normal players use, but it might take a while
  • The ragdoll will appear a long time after the player has already died if the player has high ping (at least for the player with the high ping, but I think that’s an issue with a lot of ragdolls)

This is the model that I’ve put out. It’s free. Just put everything where the models say and it should work fine.

I would like some credit, either in the description or a credits menu in your game. But it’s not required.

Testing place
This is a testing place for the ragdoll. Have fun I guess. Only controls are R to ragdoll and F to reset.

*Edit: This ragdoll has been used by Squid Game! Thank you to @kingerman88 for seeing that this ragdoll is the best one on the dev forums!

Hope this helps you!
(P.S: Sorry if the post isn’t very good, still relatively new to the devfourms)


I haven’t tried this model yet, but I will and I will report any bugs or suggestions I find. although I do have a question, why would it being server side be bad? wouldn’t that mean other players could see it?

The ragdoll being server-side means it puts more strain on the server to calculate all the physics, etc for each ragdoll and to send that information to each player. I have made another ragdoll that is client-sided, but that one you have to pay for, since it’s too much work to be put out for free to me

I have made one too which supports a wide variety of features - works for both R6 and R15, has mobile/Xbox/pc support. first-person camera buttons on all devices.

Mine also does server-sided checks, it only reads the velocity of Humanoidrootpart.

I stated that as a bad thing.

Also I’ve seen you on a variety of ragdoll posts, are you trying to advertise yours?

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