[ R$210K Or $750 ] Hiring magic attacks creator [OPEN]

About Us

Hello there! We are looking for a scripter to do Attack spells for our game hiring Leveling Legacy.We are really looking for a scripter that will not disappoint people who are waiting for the game.

The Job

Skills we’re looking for:

  • Creativity! Our team will there to help draw out concepts and give you references, but nothing beats someone with their own creative sense of ideas.
  • Math abilities. Having a math background is a real bonus when making magic attacks.
  • Easy to understand Coding . Being someone who practices strong coding organizational skills is important to our big projects.

You will be expected to:

  • Create visually impressive and unique magic effects
  • Make magic attacks feel powerful to use
  • Make magic attacks work with our existing frameworks

You are not expected to:

  • Create your own images, sounds, models, mesh parts, or animations

Magic Attack Examples:

External Media External Media

Gives R$ 3k Or 15$ per attack spell.

Discord: Yose#8250
Thanks For Readings. :grinning:

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