R2DR Update Log v5 - v6.5b

+'s mean there’s an new addition to the game.
The *'s mean that there’s a glitch fix to the game.
The ^'s mean that there’s a change for existing features in game.

Update v6.5b, Release Date 12/6/2018
*Fixed players giving them self Famas through the exploit
*Other confidential security updates.

Update v6.5a, Release Date 11/22/2018
^Confidential security update

Update v6.5, Release Date 11/15/2018
+Hunter [MOB]
+Strawhat [Armor]
+Officer Vest
+Zombie vests (random chance)
+OBJ gamemode to Campfire Chaos
+Objective text at the start of rounds
*Fixed Smoker tongue (?)
*Many bug fixes
*Fixed pipebombs
^New and pre-release tags in shop
-Removed Halloween event

Update v6.4, Release Date 10/2/2018
+Added Lord Pumpkin
+Added Halloween Obby(edited)
+Added Firebreather
+Added Boomer
+Added Halloween Vest
+Added Pumpkin Bomb
+Added Gifts
+Added Flamethrower
+Halloween Event
+Added Molotov
+Added Pipebomb

  • Major Turret Changes
    +Added Wrench
    *Improved King Cake
    +Added Badges for both King Cake and Lord Pumpkin
    *Glitch fixes
    +Added staff tags
    +fixed stuck without being able to move after new round
    *Recoded round win and lose logic (should no longer bug out)

Update v6.3a, Release Date Unknown
*Confidential staff list update

Update v6.3, Release Date 9/14/2018
+added ranks
*fixed uzi sound
*fixed losing leaderboard
+added rank locks
^added more spawns to toy factory
+theme start music
+SBF music
^increased crawler chance on lay by
+supply crates
*fixed running with added items
*corrected MP5 reload sound
*Fixed minigun bug
^items and vests in loadout now save
^improved and more accurate gui tweening
+subscribe button
+Double EXP fridays

Update v6.2d, Release Date 9/1/2018
*Everyone with negative cash should have their cash automatically be set back to zero.
*Fixed rambo knife.
*Possibly patched negative cash exploit
^Banned Chinalake from FFA.
^Disabled the feature to buy in game cash until cash exploit is patched.

Update v6.2c, Release Date 8/20/2018
^Fall damage now starts at 45 studs instead of 35 studs.
*Fixed new players not showing up in lobby.
^Adjusted text size on join game gui so longer player names can be more readable.

Update v6.2b, Release Date 8/12/2018
^Confidential commands script for staff update.
^Fall damage now starts at 35 studs instead of 30 studs.

Update v6.2a, Release Date 8/9/2018
*Fixed zombie chooser GUI not showing up.

Update v6.2, Release Date 8/8/2018
^Made the AK-47 pitch higher to sound more like old r2d.
+Added fall damage
^Commands script for the staff really works now.
*Fixed players purchasing things from live store during MMA.
^Fences on Campfire Chaos is now fatal.
*Fixed players from dropping medkits.

Update v6.1, Release Date 8/1/2018
+New MMA game mode on No Mercy, and Oil Rig. ( MMA game mode will be on Campfire Chaos later on.)
*Fixed cam button is fixed.
+Added med kit. [ Will get changes in the future ].
^Updated leaderboard GUI to look more like old r2d.
^Improved inventory GUI design
*Fixed admin commands.
^Made Famas slightly more noisy.
^Loading map GUI is now shows the theme what ever you set it to and the menu music doesn’t stop any more.
^Confidential security update.

Update v.6
^Famas F1 available in store

Update v.5a
*Fixed RedLaserGun inventory glitch (?)
^Enabled VIP servers

Update v.5
+Campfire Chaos [Map]
+The Port [Map]
+FAMAS F1 [Unreleased gun]
+MP5 [Gun]
+Chinalake [Gun]
+Flak Vest
+ENRGY Drink
+Survivor & zombie live store
+Added C4 crawlers n’ all that other stuff
+Halloween Theme (Settings > Themes)
+Glass breaking
^Made it easier for zombies to break down doors
^Increased all gun ranges
^Added slide doors to all maps
^Made part blood visible for everyone
^Optimized weapons, melees, and zombies
*Tons of bug fixes
(and so much more…)


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