[$R44,000][$154USD] Looking for someone to do quick/easy animations

The rig is a regular Roblox character, but it has a skinned mesh head and the only thing that needs to be animated for the skinned mesh head is the jaw. The ® beside some animations means that it has to be reflected on the right and left side (there are plugins for this).


Back Swat ®

Swings arm and swats upper back

Stomp ®

Stomps leg onto player under him

Grab and Eat ®

Swings arm towards mouth, then does a biting animation

Chest Grab ®

Rotates elbow and grabs chest

Low Grab ®

Bends down, swoops arm below and grabs player

Front Bite

Bends neck backwards, while opening mouth, then chomps

Turn and bite ®

Rotates head slightly, while opening mouth, then chomps

Face Protect

After being slashed in the face, cover face with palms of hands

Arm Protect ®

After being slashed in the arm, cover it with palm of other hand[/details]

Achilles ®

Fall down as if achilles were slashed

Reach Up

Reach for the skies using both arms


We are paying 4K ROBUX ($14 USD) for each animation, for a total of 44K ROBUX ($154 USD)

Contact Us

For questions or more details, direct message me on the DevForums. To apply, send your portfolio through DM. Don’t be scared, we look at all portfolios and we don’t judge!

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