R6 Custom caracter rig wrong direction

I made a Roblox rig and want it to work with R6 animations, so I tested it but the animation is weird, the arms are going sideways instead of back and forth, how do I fix that?

My rig for reference:

A normal R6 rig:

Ah, is the HumanoidRootPart’s front surface the front of the actual Rig?

This has happened to me before when creating custom characters and i found a solution. What you need to do is install this plugin:

In the screenshot above it shows one of the motor6ds direction. This direction is the same for every motor6d in that dummy. What you need to do is go through every motor6d in the rig and change it to that direction using that plugin so that they rotate in the right way!

Note: The direction of the motor6ds only apply for r15 rigs as the direction is different for r6 rigs and recommend you import a normal working r6 rig and look at the motor6d direction and replicate this for your rig.

Edit: Just realised that the plugin is not currently for sale (i installed it before that occured) you may want to look at the post at the bottom to get the plugin and maybe publish it again?
Can we get the Code of a Plugin?

I’ll try the pluging, I do have it but didn’t know it could rotate the joints. Thanks!

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