R6 Ragdoll System

It’s on my list of things to do today. Should I make it an option where you can toggle if your accessories get deleted or not?

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Yeah that’s a cool feature to add in.

Looked cool at first, sadly for my use case it had to be toggleable. Is that planned for the future?

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Over the course of this week, I am making it compatible with R15, toggleable and extremely customizable. Do you want me to PM you when build 2 is out?


Also I recommend removing the [OPEN SOURCE] part of your title, because community resources are expected to be open source anyways so it doesn’t serve much purpose.

You should keep hats on player’s avatars when they die. Hats / package heads falling off when entering the ragdoll state doesn’t look all that great.

Other than that, looks cool!


Hey! I don’t know if it’s a good time to ask but, how is progress on the updates?

Can you make a togabble ragdoll. Like when you punch a player you can fire an event for it to ragdoll then it unragdoll after a certain amount of time.

Hey all, I apologize for the extremely late reply. I’ve been really busy with my school for the past month or so. I am listening to your feedback and I am going to start working on a major overhaul this weekend. It’ll take me a few days to do. This overhaul will expose a ton of API and lots more customization. Thank you for your patience.


Is it updated now?

if yes, where do I get the updated one

if no, when its updated can you tell


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This is a good ragdoll system and all but it’ll be very nice if you could make it so that you ragdoll if you fall from a certain height. You should also make it so that you can press a key to ragdoll and press it again to get up, that’d be lovely


How could I rely it on an if statement? It’s based off a function, Humanoid.Died, an if statement for example;
if Humanoid.Health = >10 then


Yes, connect that to a GetPropertyChangedSignal on Health and it should work, though you’d have to find a way to re-enable the non-ragdolled state

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Is there a way to rely it on a if statement though?

I’m not sure I understand what your question is. Please elaborate.

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if Humanoid.Health = >10 then
--the ragdoll thing

I’m somewhat basing it off a game called “THE RAKE: CLASSIC EDITION”, in the game if you get to very low health (around 5) the player would ragdoll.

Yes, it’s possible to do that.

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How could I do it through the script though, or how would I do it in general

You need some basic Lua knowledge.

You need both the loader and the module. You need to replace the asset ID in the loader with the path of the ragdoll module you inserted.

Edit the event connection code that triggers the ragdoll and replace it with a combination of GetPropertyChangedSignal on the Humanoid (you’re watching for Health) and if below the threshold you want, enable the ragdoll.


Hey this ragdoll system is really good and well made but it would be INCREDIBLE if you can make it togglable. Like with a bool value parented to the character.

Also to fix accessory’s falling off just add this one line of code:

Humanoid.BreakJointsOnDeath = false