Ragdoll for custom rig on death

i made this monster rig a while ago and i was wondering how i would be able to have it ragdoll on death, however its body parts are differently named from the usual roblox character and i just wanted to know how i would do this

You would have to name each part of your custom rig corresponding to its body part(arm/leg/torso/etc) or something along those lines, then if your ragdoll dies you would need to connect those body parts together using ballsocket constraints in a for loop in an order like (torso → Arm → Upper Arm-> Lower Arm → Hand)

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RagdollModule - Roblox or just use this one which auto rigs your

to rig your character just paste this command in the workspace
Once u insert the script put it in workspace, select the ragdoll u want to right and run this command in the command bar