Ragdoll Grounds - Resurgence Update

Ragdoll Grounds V2 Update Log

V2.2.4 - 30/11/2023
  • TKT Weapon added to the Shop!
  • Improved Vehicle Destruction (doesnt just fall apart, parts go flying everywhere now)
  • Vehicle Debris setting removed (it didnt do anything.)
  • Key now locks/unlocks doors faster 2 seconds1 second
  • Fixed Explosive Beans not sticking to surfaces
  • Fixed a bug causing explosions not to appear sometimes
  • Fixed Viewmodel Collision with Vehicles
  • Explosive Beans explosion changed
  • Small Map Changes

Previous Logs:

V2.2.3 - 30/11/2023
  • Increased Ground Slam ability radius
  • Added Battle Truck to the vehicle shop
  • Silenced Pistol Stat Changes:
    Firerate Increased
    Body Damage 139
    Headshot Damage 2117
    Spread Increased
  • Ray Gun Stat Changes:
    Fixed it being automatic
    Firerate Decreased
    Body Damage 139
    Headshot Damage 2227
    Spread Increased
    Changed Bullet Impact Particles
V2.2.2 - 29/11/2023
  • Explosion Improvements?
  • Explosions now inflict vehicle damage
  • Fall Damage is no longer recognized if you’re being flung side ways or upwards. It is now only recognised if you’re ragdolled falling downwards.
  • Fixed that one LOUD blood splat sound that would occur with fall damage.
  • Fixed a bug where if you owned a Weekly Rewards item, you wont get coins for it when you shouldve.
  • Reduced Invisibility Cooldown Time from 3 minutes2 minutes
  • Fixed Control Missile explosion not passing through walls !! Pure evil…
V2.2.1 - 28/22/2023
  • Fixed gun reloads being restarted when firing during a reload.
  • Auto reload now occurs if you equip a weapon with no ammo.
  • Fixed shield being pushed when getting shot at.
V.2.2.0 - 27/22/2023
  • Added a basic Tutorial mode. This goes over basics and movement of the game to help users understand the game. (Users who haven’t completed the Tutorial are prompted when they first join - to access tutorial even if you completed / forfeited it you can use “/tutorial” command to access it whenever you want.)
V2.1.6 - 27/11/2023
  • Added Ground Slam Ability (This ability can also be used to break doors and fling vehicles)
  • Classic vehicles such as Shipsci and Battle Truck are now accessible in private servers
V2.1.5 - 26/11/2023
  • Invisiblity ability added
  • Reduced Shield time
  • Fixed being able to use abilities while downed, stunned and sitting
V2.1.4 - 24/11/2023
  • Added ‘Go Kart Run’ event (*Currently only accessible in Private Servers or by staff members)
  • Fixed ‘The Experiment’ event showing dead players.
V2.1.3 - 23/11/2023
  • Fixed abilities not activating properly. making abilities softlocked.
  • Turret tracks players faster.
  • Visual effects implemented on to the Up And Away ability.
  • Getting hit by vehicles now does significantly less damage and ragdoll damage has been removed when getting hit by a vehicle (this fall damage immunity lasts for 3 seconds).
V2.1.2 - 23/11/2023
  • Increased prices for the following events:
  • Orbital Strike (10 Tokens40 Tokens)
  • Nuke (10 Tokens35 Tokens)
  • ICBM (30 Tokens50 Tokens)
V2.1.1 - 23/11/2023
  • Armor damage suppression changes DAMAGE/2.65DAMAGE/2.35
  • Slaughter cooldown changes .151.5
  • Steyr AUG body-damage 119
  • Steyr AUG headshot damage 1410
V2.1.0 - 22/11/2023
  • Added Turret Ability
  • Added 2 more seats to Mini-Helicopter
  • Added equip time (animation) to Stop Sign.
  • Hammer Of Justice walkspeed slightly increased.
  • Fixed a bug with playerlist not showing all players.
  • Fixed Mals Swag Car having a duplicated seat in it.
  • Fixed Mini-Helicopter only taking damage when shooting windshields.
  • Fixed Blood splattering on placed objects such as Sign, Emblem, etc…
  • Fixed a rare bug that ability cooldown bar would still appear even though the ability did not activate.
  • Fixed The Experiment event keeping players inside of groups during the event.
V2.0.0 - 21/11/2023




  • The main game is now a Teleport Lobby. In the future, special modes will be incorporated in to here. Unavailable at the moment
  • Optimization Updates
  • Shop Updates
  • Emote System Updates
  • “Daily Coins” is now a weekly playtime reward system. Rewards are rotated weekly.
  • Sliding System Updated
  • Melee System & Hitbox System Updated. Making them more of a threat against gun players and generally better to use.
  • Gun System Updated. (||Shooting while running is no longer an option. Aiming reduces bullet spread.||)
  • Throwable System Updated
  • Blood System Updated
  • Vehicle System Updated
  • Visual Effects upgraded a bit. (Screen shakes, for example)
  • :iphone:/:video_game: Console & Mobile Support Added!!!
  • Radios now resume when exiting shop.
  • You can now search for audios using the radio.
  • Armor now has a Health system, it breaks when taking a certain amount of damage.
  • More badges & achievements added. ||(at the moment “Its A Sign” and “Attempted To Skybox Camp” are not obtainable because of presence of weather in this update.)||
  • Some items are now given for your playtime. (Not your weekly playtime - the one in your stats!)
  • Gui Updates.
  • Spree Items have been changed a bit. Minigun and all other gun based spree items are no longer obtainable. I’d love to improve these weapons.


  • Added Desert
  • Added Crane (Created by TheMalaysianDude)
  • Tree models updated
  • Building Signs updated
  • Expanded Skatepark
  • Added Park
  • Moved Townsquare
  • Added more accessible buildings
  • Added Mineshaft
  • Added Soccerfield
  • Added raised rocks around lava bridge area
  • Added Secrets… :shushing_face:
  • And more…!


  • Added “Classic Fall Apart”
  • Added “Heart Attack”
  • Added “Fiery Spark”
  • Added “Spin”
  • Fixed “Universal Shatter” not working.

:sunglasses: EMOTE ADDITIONS

  • Added “Narla”
  • Added “Mini Kart”
  • Added “z”
  • Added “Boombox”
  • Added “Deluxe Victory”
  • Added “Point”
  • Added “Happy Dance”


  • Added “Anarchy” (*currently only accessible to staff or in private servers at this time!)
  • Added “The Experiment” (*currently only accessible to staff or in private servers at this time!)
  • Added “Speed”
  • Added “Trees”
  • Added “Nuke”
  • “ICBM” & “Orbital Strike” events no longer allows Rockets to be used.


  • Added “Greenpot”
  • Added “Yellowpot”
  • Added “BluepotV2”
  • Added “Outpost”
  • Added “F.U.M.E”



  • Added AS Val
  • Added HK-416
  • Added MP5
  • Added Silenced Pistol
  • Added Energy Pulsator
  • Added Pump Shotgun
  • Added Winchester
  • Added Silenced Uzi
  • Added G36K
  • Added TEC-9
  • Added Glock
  • Added Healer Rifle
  • Added TKT
  • Added Dragunov
  • Added Tinpot
  • Added Stop Sign
  • Added Chair (This melee is only findable on the map, breaks within 6 hits)
  • Added Metal Baseball Bat
  • Added Fists
  • Hammer Of Justice Melee no longer allows jumping / sliding, animations changed.
  • Dragon Slayer finisher animation is now faster.
  • Added Firework
  • Added Smoke Grenade

There’s a lot more I may have missed out on this update log! More to come in the next update, planning on implementing weapon skins and more spree items.

The next patch (not an official “update”) will mainly address player concerns with balancing, bugs etc…!

Use code RESURGENCE in the Shop for Tinpot Nameplates, coins, XP and tokens!