Ragdoll Grounds - Winter Update

:snowflake: Ragdoll Grounds Winter Update :snowflake:
Hi! A lot of work has gone in to this update and now that its ready; it leaves a lot of potential for future updates!

Important: Unfortunately I have made the choice to cut mobile support until I get the proper features ready for it, such as the interaction system. I will get this ready ASAP.

Some of the extra content from this update will be released at a later date. They are also not provided in the change logs here.

Winter v1.1 Update Log

Fixed not being able to enter vehicles as a passenger.
Fixed being able to store the Blaster’s charge.
Renamed Mart & Burger place.
Removed the ability to flip a vehicle in mid-air.
Removed Super Nuke from events list.
Added bat to Mart, Jail Go & a storage crate.
Fixed bat hitting a player more than once in one hit.
Fixed Electric Rifle not registering hits.

Low Gravity event changes:

  • Reduced gravity a bit more.

Rocket Power event has returned:

  • All rockets fired during this event will instantly enter full power state.

Bat Stat Changes

Increased Damage: 3438
Ray Gun Stat Changes
Min Damage Increased: 1015
Max Damage Increased: 2025
Pistol Stat Changes (Experimenting with this right now, might revert if too OP)
Min Damage Increased: 1013
Max Damage Increased: 1819
Cooldown reduced from: .295s.27s


Rockets have less power if they haven’t been active long enough. This is to prevent people just running in to crowds firing a rocket.
Rockets must be active for at least 2 seconds to have full potential.
Rocket Damage, Knockpower & Explosion size will be weak if not in full power.
Damage Increased from 90100
Rockets speeds up in the “full power” state. (only for the default Rocket Launcher, not riders.)
Fixed explosions not working at times.

Sensor Ability Stat Changes

Cooldown reduced: 120 secs60 secs

Forged Error Stat Changes

Min Damage reduced: 2520 Max Damage reduced: 4028

Grenade Launcher Stat Changes

Explosion Radius increased: 3050 studs Damage reduced: 9560

Old Sniper Rifle Stat Changes

Added .5 second “ready” timer when equipping.

AK-47 Stat Changes

Min Damage reduced: 85 Max Damage reduced: 129

G36K Stat Changes

Max Damage increased: 78

Fixed stick attack happening more than once.
Fixed stick not doing damage.
Fixed spear not doing damage.
Fixed punch not doing damage.
Reduced default explosion knockback.
Explosions no longer fling players through walls.
Fixed Blaster radius being inaccurate.
Fixed blaster flinging through walls
Added cooldown bar to Molotov
Increased cooldown of Molotov
Reduced Molotov fire damage from 2.752.5
Decreased Molotov explosion damage from 6010
hopefully fixed speed event causing camera to zoom in after it ends for users who join during it.
When killing players with a spree, you will receive an extra 10 XP. - Changed “Knocked Out by (PLAYER)” gui to show up on the bottom, like kills.

Previous Updates:

Winter v1.0 Update Log
⭐ Additions
  • Snowballs added! Press [X] while on snowy surfaces to create snowballs. (36 damage + Ragdoll on headshot)
  • Christmas themed map.
  • A large portion of the map has been removed.
  • Hit sounds added.
  • Weapon Reload/Cooldown timer popups added.
  • “Restore Defaults” button added in settings.
  • Search bar added to audio history.
  • Weapons can now damage vehicles. (Weapon Damage = MAX DAMAGE / 4 , Explosive Damage = MAX DAMAGE / 2)
  • Shop Items
    (Some items listed here are on a sale timer)
  • Weapons
    Electric Rifle - 1,500 Coins
  • Nameplates
    :stopwatch: Snowy Days - 1,000 Coins
    :stopwatch: Christmas Night - 300 Coins
    :stopwatch: Jim The Snowman - 80 Coins
  • Abilities
    Sensor - 200 Coins , this ability creates a 170 stud sensor field.
    Speed - 200 Coins , applies a speed boost to your character for 15 seconds.
  • Death Effects
    Universal Shatter - 750 Coins

:gear: New Settings

  • “Damage Indicator” - Toggle damage indicators or not.
  • “Message Feed” - Toggle message feed.
  • “Cooldown Timer” - Toggle to view cooldown timer popups or not.

:trophy: New Achievements

  • Snow Ballin - Kill a player with a headshot from a snowball.
🔨 Changes
  • All rocket speeds have been nerfed to make up for the map size.
  • Weapon Crosshair now updated (should be easier on the eyes)
  • Updated Radio UI
  • Guns rewritten.
  • Main Menu Overhaul
  • Radio Music volume reduced by 50%
  • Visual Changes
  • Cosmetics category can be accessed by all players - but they still need VIP to purchase & gift cosmetics. (Cosmetics that are unlockable from achievements are usable by normal players)
  • Newer Sprint System
  • Newer Interaction System
  • Death Messages now easier to read.
  • New heal effect.
  • Removed Old Jail Go.
  • Removed “Cold Fog” event.
  • Shop Gui updated, now displays items owned within a category.
  • Emote Gui Updated. (ALSO now shows whether an emote has sound or not.)
  • Energy Pulsator is now on sale permanently.
  • Ray Gun is now on sale permanently.
  • Blaster is now on sale permanently.
  • Silly Guitar “playing” animation can now be cancelled when clicking.
  • Reworked Molotov
  • Changed HP earned from kills from 25 HP to 30 HP. could be subject to change
  • Reworked Garage & Vehicle interface
  • Interact GUI updated.
  • Bans now show hours left.
  • Flashlight is now less bright and obnoxious.
  • Removed Sewer Entrance in to Jail Go
  • Sign item now allows you to choose text colour.
  • Settings GUI has been updated.
  • Heavy Strike no longer causes a long screen shake, unless you’re within “kill range”
  • Hotel building has been updated.
  • Bridge updated to ruins has been updated.
  • Rocket turret added near bridge.
  • Added walls surrounding dangerous areas.
  • Added ladders on to basic building such as Mart, Burger place.
  • Removed/Deactivated “Meet a staff member” badge (This started on 20/10/21)
  • Removed/Deactivated “KO Staff” badge (This started on 20/10/21)

:fire::boom: Event Additions/Updates

Air Strike event changes:

  • More useful, nothing else really to say.

Team Battle event is now back!

  • Every player is put on seperate teams, the first team to reach 50 score wins.
    :hammer: Bug Fixes
  • Performance Improvements
  • Fixed vehicles getting damaged by “debris” objects.
  • Fixed when toggling alternative placing on Object placing enables collisions on the “fake object”.
  • Fixed death sounds playing more than once.
  • Fixed Cheez.
  • Fixed cosmetics showing in first person.
  • Fixed explosion light “shrinking”.
  • Removed/Fixed floating seat near Jail Go.
  • Removed/Fixed Interactable object near the Beans Store.
  • hopefully fixed audio history failing to load sometimes.
  • Fixed self-healing bug. (basically you couldn’t die sometimes to your own damage)
    :firecracker: Weapon Updates
  • Shotgun
  • Minimum Spread changed from .251.25 studs
  • Spread Intensity decreased.
  • Bullets Per Shot changed from 46
  • Maximum Damage changed from 2514
  • Minimum Damage changed from 89
  • Cooldown added: .3 seconds
  • Bullet Trail Colour Updated
  • Shotgun Mark II
  • Minimum Spread changed from 21.5 studs
  • Spread Intensity decreased.
  • Bullets Per Shot changed from 98
  • Maximum Damage changed from 129
  • Minimum Damaged changed from 128
  • Cooldown added: .25 seconds
  • Bullet Trail Colour Updated
  • Ray Gun
  • Fire Per Second changed from .2.4
  • Minimum Spread changed from 58 studs
  • Minimum Damage changed from 1510
  • Maximum Damage changed from 2820
  • Pistol
  • Spread added. (The default Pistol will only be good at short range now)
  • Bullet Trail Colour Updated.
  • Cooldown changed from .25 secs.295 secs
  • Rocket Rider Mark II
  • Reload Time changed from 5 secs13 secs
  • Blaster
  • Is now a Charge Based weapon
  • Damage changed from 6080
  • Stuns players for 1 second