Ragdoll System breaks out of the Blue

Hello. I am the owner of a Roblox Game that utilizes the mechanic of Ragdolls.

For our ragdolls, we always placed ballsockets on the starter character and then once we wanted it to go ragdoll we moved the Motor6D to the ServerStorage. For a big while (about 5 months) this worked fine.

Now I face this issue. My ragdolls that once worked just about fine have stopped the usual behavior, instead they freeze the part in place while still moving it relative to its original position (by that I mean that it doesn’t change orientation, but as an example a limb would still be connected to the torso).

You can see how the limbs move freely

You can see how the limbs just basically anchor in place

Any idea why this happened?

Attempts to fix it:
Manually do the ragdoll process. Failed.
Revert the game to an earlier state. Failed.

Playing the code I originally edited to make the new version of this ragdoll resulted in it breaking as well. I have not edited the place on this GIF for over 9 months.

Perhaps this could be a due to a change in one of ROBLOX’s recent updates such as the “sleeping part” for physics.

Could you show the source of your code? It may help resolve the issue. Did you re write the code in anyway?

I am also noticing physics issues that started this afternoon in one of my games, even in old copies of it that haven’t been updated in days. Probably a related issue. My issue also involves BallSocketConstraints acting like rigid joints, instead of an actual ball socket.

I have not rewritten the code.

Roblox added a new feature for BallSocket Friction. For some reason the default value on already existent BallSockets is almost infinite, freezing them in place.

I set it to 1 and now the ragdolls are good to go.