Ragdoll System Issue

I’ve run into an issue in my game that I have no clue how to fix, or what is causing it.

In my game, I have a ModuleScript in replicated storage in which it’s main purpose is to ragdoll someones character. I also have a script in ServerScriptService, that basically “downs” a person when their health goes beneath a certain threshold. The issue is, When a character dies for the first time, the ragdoll works with no issues. However, after a character respawns and is killed again, The ragdoll module doesn’t work.

One thing I don’t understand is that if the humanoid has the property “BreakJointsOnDeath” Set to false, this doesn’t happen.

I am using FE Gun Kit if that’s helpful.

Did you script this? For my ragdoll, I just attach hinge to the joint attachment, and then anchor the root part after one second (to prevent un-ragdoll) and that seems to work fine for as long as the game runs

Mine works by using ball sockets, basically cloning and moving a folder containing ragdoll sockets into the character, setting them up so they work, then actually calling the ragdoll function and disabling the motor6d’s inside the character by default so only the ragdoll sockets work . I don’t think it’s an issue with the constraints though.

sorry for the late reply, was out of town, you are right it is not an issue with the constraints, you just need to anchor the root part

Sorry for the late reply aswell, I’m not on the devforum that much and I stopped working on this project. But could you explain in further detail? I don’t see how that would fix it. I’m assuming your talking about the HumanoidRootPart.

I also recorded some videos showing what happens and what’s supposed to happen. I recorded them in studio so they’re pretty bad in terms of quality.

What’s supposed to happen:
correct.wmv (2.7 MB)

What happens:
wrong.wmv (2.4 MB)

This happens after the player dies once

well, anchoring humanoidroot part prevents the character from snapping together after ragdoll. how most system works is that they clone sockets directly onto attachments. Some system uses the motor6d to attach their own attachments on the specified parts. Break joints = no information.