Raise a Pet Sluggy! Updates & Current Features

Raise a Pet Sluggy Updates & Features Bulletin Board

Hello! and welcome to raise a pet sluggy, here in this document you will find every feature you can do, engage and explore into.

There is also a list below this text filled with all updates that have currently occurred.


Update v1.1

-New feature, Cars!
-Auto Tapper upgrade added
-Bug fixes

Update v1.0

-Release of the game.


Click on your sluggy to produce tiny stacks of cash, this increases in amounts of cash the higher level your sluggy is!

Level up your sluggy with XP! It is found in everything; Edible Items, Picking up Cash & Taking your sluggy for a walk! (outside only, your sluggy gains 1 xp per second.)

Upgrades! They are found in the local shop across the road from your house. (To leave your house, you need a level 5+ sluggy to pick up your house keys.) Upgrades assist you in helping your house and your sluggy grow powerful and make it easier to level up faster.

Smaller Features

Walking - Go to your sluggy and hold E (or hold tap on mobile) to toggle walk mode. He follows you wherever you go & earns XP for himself when outside of the house.

Name Rewrite (PC FEATURE FOR NOW.) - Right click on your sluggy to pop-up the name changing ui, type in a name and it will become your sluggy’s title. This uses roblox’s chat filter so do not break Roblox TOS when changing your sluggy’s name.

Rubbish Bin - Find a long rubbish bin anywhere on the map and you can throw away items that you don’t need anymore!

The Shop - It’s the best shop, But it has a few ground rules. No sluggies inside the store and the store locks at midnight sharp. (If you are in the store while it locks, then thats gonna be an uh oh moment.)

NEW! Cars - It’s time to keep your eyes on the road. Be careful crossing the road or you could get run over and if your taking your sluggy for a walk, he will walk back to the house.

Item & Upgrade Documentation


Coffee Cup / Feed it to your sluggy to double his speed for 60 seconds!
Door Key / Unlock your door with it!
Sluggy Food / A portable snack to feed to your sluggy’s hunger even when either inside or on the go!
XP Bottle / Pick up a bottle and feed it to your sluggy for a huge 100 XP burst
MEGA XP Bottle / Grab a bottle and feed it to your sluggy for an EVEN BIGGER 1.5K XP BURST!
Orange Juice / A simple drink that refuels your sluggy’s hunger by a bit and grants xp.



Automatic Feeder / Automatically replenishes your sluggy’s food bowl for you!
Money Totem / All cash you earn becomes DOUBLED!
Coffee Machine / Offers coffee cups for £500 that DOUBLE your sluggy’s speed.
Auto Collect / The floor of your house picks up any money that touches it!
Auto Tapper / Automatically clicks your sluggy to spawn stacks!

and finally,


Stack / Gives 1-2 that increases based on your sluggy’s level.
Cash Drop / Large bag that gives 10-11 and also increases based on your sluggy’s level.
Golden Stack / ???

Thats it! if you have any more questions, join the group Null’s Games on roblox to post your questions.

Game Link: [incoming] raise a pet sluggy - Roblox

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