Random error in my game? potential virus?

ok so basically got a random print from a script i did not make, i cannot find the script nor do i know what it does.
the print was
" LoadingScript->InfoProvider:LoadAssets: MarketplaceService:getProductInfo() failed because HTTP 500 (Internal Server Error) - Client"

is this a roblox thing and is it normal or should i check all my scripts to see if theres a virus planted in there?

also this only happend ONCE, it has not popped up again since


I’ve seen something like this when I was a noob at scripting I can’t tell what happened but I kept getting a gui telling me to but a shirt

Did you add any free models by chance? Can you look in the find/replace tool and look for the word insert to see if there’s a script inserting another script into your game or look for any key words when putting a product on screen think that Could find the source

no the only thing i used was some stuff who a friend sent me. checked throughthe scripts but there are no new scripts. do you think it couldve changed a script i have made?

There are sometimes invisible hidden scripts that can’t be seen by you

is there any way to check for those?

I don’t know tbh I haven’t touched anything not made by me or a tutorial in a while is the find/ replace tool not working?

sorry for asking whats the find/replace tool?

When you open a script you see your home page tab at the top look and see the binoculars that’s the find/ replace tool

Ok can confirm what’s happening is the game is trying to show a buy gui (forgor the real name for it) and there is a error it could be that you have disabled the game from making using or letting players do purchases or something on the lines of that. Any products in your game or donation? Ifff not you may have some type of virus

no products or anything. how should i go about removing it? i checked through every script and couldnt find it also to add onto this it only happend once and never again

It could be a gamepass, cloth or dev product made by somebody else maybe. Turn on third party sales and then test the game.

(You’ll find that in settings in permissions you seem relatively new so just saying)
Good idea also if a product does pop up in a few minutes of playing then try use the find and replace tool that conforms somethings there

it only happend once idk how to replicate it

Try testing the game, see if it works

Odd maybe leave it for now then but update us if it comes back what do you think?

alright! sure ill contact you guys if it pops up again. mightve just been a roblox error

Thats an error on Roblox’s end. Thats why it only popped up once.


LoadingScript is roblox’s script. You’re fine.


That’s an internal Roblox error. This error will usually be thrown away whenever the Loading Script (which’s the error coming from) fails to load assets for your game. You can’t do anything about it as that’s something only Roblox can fix or improve.