Random Game I Created

Recently I was bored, so I created a random game, please give feedback, I tried to keep it as simple as possible. Thanks to @RenanMSV and @RIP0S7E for helping out!

Link to it: 🕒3x Time🕒 Time Flex - Roblox


Alittle feed back on a few things.
For a start I wouldn’t suggest using free models at all but if needed keep a very close eye on whats being used.
use PNG files with images on the gamepasses GUI
Force the GUI’s to close if another is opened so they don’t overlap.

Its a good start to a project but could use some work.
I wouldn’t say give up on this project but try to use it as a learning experience.
Overall very good game, keep up the good work :slight_smile:

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I agree with you, I really only used free models to fill in for building, I’m mainly a scripter so building isn’t really my thing. As for GUIs, I’m really bad a making GUIs and I don’t plan on ever doing GUIs. I’m working on a pretty big game with some friends and I’m just making this while I wait for two of my developers to come back from a trip. Thanks, for the advice, although I’m probably gonna leave this project as soon as my developers come back from the trip.

Buying time is basically just a money flex. Please remove this. Also, it could use some music. Giving time is a bit weird too.

I tried keeping the game not pay to win, buying time does not give you much, it really only gives you a slight head start.

Ok. Why are there so many free models? I thought this game was going to just be a practice thing, why further development on this?

I never made it to practice. What do you mean by “so many free models”? I used a few just to fill in building parts. I’m only doing further development until my developers come back from a trip.

Oh. Ok. So this is just a personal project while your devs are off doing whatever it is they are doing.

Yes, I’m not a builder so I used a few free models like the leaderboard.