Random GUI and teleportation

When I first released my game this never happened but now all of a sudden this GUI pops up on screen. (I haven’t made this GUI)

After this the game kicks me with this error

Is this some sort of virus? I’m not sure any help appreciated. :slight_smile:

I re uploaded the game and it was fine for a week then it started again. Not sure why though.

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Please search for your problem before posting! I’ve solved plenty of similar posts!

Answering your question:

Yes, this is in fact a virus/backdoor. This one in specific takes away your robux if you accept, but no worries as the original owner and group are banned. Oh, and in order to remove the virus, use this plugin to remove scripts or malicious scripts, make sure to delete suspicious plugins, and please be cautious when downloading them! Thanks for reading, hope this helped. Have an amazing rest of your day/night!


Thank you so much for your help it is appreciated. <3

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