Randomized Obby Generation

Hello there!

Currently, I was planning on making an obby game that’s heavily inspired by “Tower Of Hell”
But the problem is I can’t quite wrap my head around how they did there randomized obby generation. I’m very new to scripting and was hoping for a simple approach towards the matter. If you know any, tips, information, anything on the matter. Then leave a comment. If not then all good, have a nice day. I’m also not very sure if this is the right topic to post in, so if it’s not then leave a comment for that as well. Just to clarify I mean pre-made levels generated in random orders


By random obby generation do you mean, random obby maps generating or do you mean like every little bit of detail in an obby its randomized

Sorry for not clarifying. I mean’t randomly generating pre-made levels.

There are several ways to generate the levels as seen in Tower of Hell, the way I would do it(and this may not be the most efficient) is store the pre-made levels in labeled folders in replicated storage or server storage, and bring them into and take them out of the workspace when needed.

Oh its fine man, dude its simple if you really think about it, alright so basically lets think of this as a problem and we need to solve it so lets break it down step by step, first off you need to actually make the map which Im guessing youve already done so thats checked off, second thing is actually generating the maps, so what you would do to make it easier on the server is just make a simple folder in workspace and name it whatever you want but in this case youd want to name it corresponding to what your doing so lets name it RGM (randomly generated maps), once you got that done put the models of all the maps you have and out them in a specific location and not all in the same place unless you plan on destroying them once the time limit is done or something, onces thats done move the folder you made into workspace into someplace like serverstorage, and to test out make a new script into serverscriptservice and make a new variable and point it to the path to the of the folder in serverstorage and then after that inside of the script youll want to do something like this

local RGM = game.ServerStorage.RGM

local randomMap = RGM[math.random(#1,RGM:GetChildren())]
randomMap:Clone().Parent = workspace

That may or may not work because I’m not too sure but its really as simple as just cloning it into workspace honestly


If you need help im always here :sweat_smile:

hehe it didnt work? I need to use something like this for my game