Randomizing parts location to form a pattern and making sure none of them intersect with another part

If you don’t get the idea, here’s an example. Imagine a maze that has room, and everytime you complete it, it generates the rooms randomly to connect each other, and making sure none of the rooms intersects with each other. I don’t get the idea on how this works so is there anyone can give me any ideas on how this works? I’ll try to work on this script by myself.

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I have worked on stuff involving chunks, from my understanding you might want to have a chunk driven maze. An example is on the x and z axis a chunk might be name Chunk 1 (for x) 1 (for z) Chunk 1 1 u can check if chunk 1 2 has available room to expand on and if Chunk 1 3 already has a maze pattern in it Chunk 1 2 wouldn’t build.

I quite don’t understand this. Is there other way?

Thats one way that I can think of, there are different ways too. Random Maze Generation with Prim's Algorithm - Roblox Scripting Showcase - YouTube is this something u want to build?

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Damn, this is exactly what I want! Thank you so much!