RANK | 🍁RoHortons

Here are the ranks of the RoHorton server :

Member: Some guests are new or simply want to play the role in the coffee.

Workers: These are individuals who paid for a play pass or worked very hard and met the limits of:
160 Reputation;
70 Minimum training done;
Lots of activity done
They participated in the 2-hour study.

Junior staff: These are people who have worked or done the session respecting certain agreements: 4000 Reputation
They will also be given permission from administrators (moderators)

Security: Employees who decide to keep the cafe safe from hackers, trollers, spammers and that no one harms the RP of others, you have to be patient to do this job because there are not often rule breakers

(Patients are promoted quicker)

Bartender: It’s people who give meals that the cooked have made by had or created be :grin: because there are some who are trained to create their kitchen

Receptionist: It is someone who gives tables, takes meals or cleans rooms at any time if you need help, ask a receptionist!

He can also work as a janitor or housekeeper.

They are people who cook or make meals.

Group Robox

Founder and CEO of RoHortons