Rank Tutorial RNA

This is the rank tutorial bulletin board. In this bulletin board we will teach you how you can get higher ranks and how to get certain ranks.
– Supporter –
Supporter is a rank that is given to you if you haven’t really done anything in the group yet, but it still seems as if you support us.
– Nooblet –
The way you get noble is if you have posted on the group wall atleast once and your beginning to learn the RNA ways.
–Super Noob–
This is the last rank you can get without attending a game night pretty much. You get this rank if your character is a noob and you have shown some activity in recent history.
– Legendary Noob–
You get this rank if you have made a single game night in recent history.
–Active Loyal Member–
This rank is pretty self explanatory. You get this rank if you have come to almost all of the recent game nights, posted on the group wall and more. If you are in this rank you most likely can apply for moderator.
–Turkey Noob–
Limited thanksgiving rank
–Festive Noob–
Limited month of December rank.
–bc n00b–
A noob who has a builder hat or once had builders club. Chat in the group wall if you have had builders club.
–Ultimate Noob-
A noob who has been to game nights or has supported the group in a big way.
–Spooky Noob–
Halloween limited.
–Verified Noob–
To get this rank you must purchase this t-shirt Noob Funds🔥VERIFIED NOOB READ DESC🔥 - Roblox benefits will most likely be coming in the new game.
–OG Noob–
First couple members.
–Beta Tester–
You beta tested the game!
–Moderator Noob–
An admin in the group.
–Thanks for sticking around if you did. Also buying our clothing will help you rank higher in the group.–

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