Ranking Bot Issue

Hello there,
So my Quiz Center for my group was working normally, but suddenly the Roblox Ranking Bot is not working anymore.

I am using Replit to host the bot and had no issues but now, after a long time, I go this error:

In-game Error:

If you know why, I would appreciate to write below!


That error most likely happens due to the bot account’s cookie being expired or invalid, this happens when you login to the bot account from a region different from the one where the server hosting the bot is located. You get error 503 in game because whenever your server encounters the not logged in error it crashes and the roblox game server doesn’t receive any response.

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Is there a possible solution to this error?

When getting the bot’s token be sure to be in Incognito mode and once you get it, immediately close the web browser.

Alternatively to @Lostude solution use a VPN to login from the same region where your bot is hosted and then get the new cookie.

I tried it and it still gives me an error.

Edit: Nvm, I found the region of the server. I will try it.

@NinjaFurfante07 & @Lostude Thank you so much for your help. The Ranking Bot is working again!!!


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