Ranks needed in Leviathan Creations

Hello Everyone! Leviathan Creations is a development group based on horror/survival/showcase games. We are looking for people to take up some of the ranks that we are missing

The team

@ItsLevBro - Founder/Chairman/Game Designer
@AIpotato_77 - BOA/Group Manager
@EpicLocalCTAgent - BOA/Programmer/Builder
@LEVIlATHANN - Builder/Modeler
@gabrielbonnie123 - Animator

About the job (ranks)

We are looking for multiple ranks as of right now:

  • Board of Administration (2 members so far)
  • Creative Directors
  • Concept Artists
  • Builders (2 already)
  • Modelers (1 already)
  • GFX artists
  • Programmers
  • UI designers
  • Writer (Lore Writer)
  • Moderation Team (3 already)


HR’s will discuss payment through discord. (discord is a requirement)

Contact Info

My User - lev#1601
Invite - bzNwFd4yVv
You must be 13 years or older to apply.

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