Ras Incorporated Rules

General Game Rules

  • Follow the Roblox ToS and Roblox Community Rules at all times
  • Be respectful to other people
  • Toxicity is not allowed
  • Do not heavily rely on glitches or bugs (for things like corner glitching, you will get a verbal warning but for things like free access to gamepasses, you will most likely get banned)
  • Do not steal any assets from our games, you will be permanently banned if you are caught and refuse to remove them
  • Keep the chat clean from any kinds of spam, scams, links, etc.
  • Use common sense (if you are not sure if the thing you want to do is a violation of the rules, don’t do it)

Group Wall Rules

  • Do not self-advertise
  • Do not ask for ranks
  • Posting scams, rumors (which also includes some copypastas) is not allowed
  • Please keep the group wall clean (don’t spam, don’t post ASCII arts, etc.
  • And definitely more (just use common sense if you are not sure)
    We want to keep the group wall open to all members as long as possible, so please follow these Group Wall Rules to make that wish come true

Dealing with rule-breakers

  • If you see a person violating a rule, you should gather some evidence and contact a Ras Incorporated Agency Division member to handle the rule-breaker
  • In the future, all Ras Incorporated games will have an in-game contact system to make this easier

More things will be added as time goes on

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