Rate my drawing


I dont know why it is uploading so small.

Do you think that this would be good as a possible game thumbnail? How could I improve the drawing? Anything you think looks bad?


The drawing itself looks pretty good. However, I do not think it would work as a game thumbnail just because it is so dull. If I were you, I’d scan the linework onto your computer and then do the colors and font with a Paint program.

Hopefully this helps!

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Do you think the text should be changed also to a more computer font type.

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I’d definitely do something different then just handwriting.

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The drawing looks good, I would just change the text like you previously stated. But over it looks great!

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Your drawing looks very unique, it’s amazing.
The title is the only thing that needs improvement.
Overall it looks great!

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It looks good :+1:, you could try recreating it on a computer using open source software such as ‘Krita’ which would allow for you to have more functionality and create backups just incase something goes wrong and the physical drawing could possibly becomming damaged which is why recreating it on a computer would also be useful, the contrast could be improved slightly

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Your drawing itself looks really good, like how you made it on paper it looks very good.

My Suggestion

  • The drawing you made looks quite good, however you could try recreating it on your laptop so it look more better. I would recommend you make it in a drawing program as by looking at it it doesn’t look bad this could be used as a thumbnail!! but if you have the time to recreate it in a program i think it would look more better!!

  • And if you use a program to recreate it. I would suggest you add some brighter colors to it and the characters itself overall you have really done! a great job on your drawing it would look a lot more better if you used a program instead of handwriting it. If you want it to be a game thumbnail. And i would change the text on it as stated above!!

However you have really. Done a great job on your drawing, keep up the good work!

The drawing is really nice I like that style i myself also draw on a Microsoft and sometimes on paper but I do have some suggestions.

Your first Question(I would think this is a thumbnail type drawing.

Second Question(you could improve by bringing it to life go above and beyond your work but if you just start it’s gonna take time.

Third Question( to me the bad thing is to add more like I said go above and beyond.

Other wise the drawing is amazing keep up the good work👍 also never ever give up.

Hope this help.

Guessing that’s from the lighting that’s making it dull, not only that if you used a scanner on a printer, I bet it’d look very nice as a thumbnail.

For a piece of promotional material as is, I would suggest more refinement.

The consistency of the shape design seems a bit lackluster. Some places feature too much unnecessarily bumpy lines for depicting a shape and need a bit of touch up in order to define the shape better.

The anatomy of your characters are also slightly off. I don’t mind the large eyes, but there are other areas that need reworking. The ear is prominent for the character on the left, but for the rest of the characters, the ear is minuscule or even outright missing. Several of your characters have issues with the thickness of body parts that I don’t see as intentional. Glasses girl seems to have both a bean eye and a circle eye, for instance. Some of the characters in the background have funnel limbs, completely straight limbs or both. The green guy notably has a right shoulder that extends off his torso moreso than his left. Aspects like these degrade the simplistic, bubbly appeal this piece seems to elicit. Going back to correct these characters would improve the piece significantly.

Unless you can pour the time into filling in all colors and leaving no distinct white spaces (I will appreciate the texture of the pencil shading), adapting your drawing to a digital workspace may be better in general. You would have better control over the lighting, too.

I think your drawing is amazing! It’s very pleasant and happy! Love the energy in it. :smile:

I don’t think it would work very well as a thumbnail though. I think it would work better as a thumbnail if it was one of those cartoony images.

The character on the left is kinda big, I’m assuming because he is from a different distance than the others. (I think it’d look better on a bigger piece of paper with the character on the left being further left, but that’s if you had more space haha)

I don’t think any of it looks bad. It’s colorful, happy, and fun!

Amazing work!