Rate my game map


So… (I am spanish but i am trying to do better translate) I want to know how u guys rate my game https://www.roblox.com/games/2950988841/Coming-soon-Open-World-Game

Note: The map dont ended ok

And how can i get in spanish category???


Spanish part of the devforum: https://devforum.roblox.com/c/international/espanol

Map looks really good. I would add some street lights, stop signs/stop lights and some vegetation like trees and bushes.


Tysm! And thanks for the suggetions too ;D


If you write your thread in Spanish I can move your thread there, but until you get the ESDevelopers group role you unfortunately can’t post in the category yourself. I’ve made the Developer Relations team aware that you want to be in the group and you should recieve it soon.


Oh i didnt know that thanks for saying me that…


Here is some constructive feedback, to improve your game.

  • Good thumbnails.

I had some very appealing renders made for the game featuring neat and unique looking characters. Make it bright, and intriguing by having attractive features that co-relate to the game.

  • Video Trailer

Have a video trailer that shows the best parts of the game, and showing the game is multi-purposed.

  • Good game description & Title.

Come up with a unique title. Also, the description of the game should be to the point but informative. Make sure you describe the game in the description and make something like an ‘update log’.

  • Overall quality
    Take time to create your maps, something like six months for your game, with help of course.

Overall it’s just the genre of the game too. If you’re doing something like this, I would subject changing up the game mechanics. You have to work on the game concept, and just play it for 30 minutes, and rate it yourself. Best of luck!


Hi Boombox,

So far, you have a clear directive and an honest motive: to create an open world city game. Right now, however, this is far from the quality of any open world city games that are currently popular. I am not a fan of quantitative numeral ratings so I’ll state my opinion qualitatively.

In my opinion, you need to look at an actual city. I’m going to connote what you’ve already created to New York City as that best fits the archetype of tall skyscrapers and grid plan roads. Firstly, New York City vaunts a multiplicity of boroughs and areas which would be too imprudent to simulate on Roblox; thus, cities must be scaled down and this also allows for more relevant areas and buildings to be emphasised. For example, instead of creating eleven cinemas across a large city, you have one cinema in your city centre, followed by a nearing café, restaurant, post office, police station, bank, etc. Each building in most city games serves its own purpose; there are criminal hideouts and fire stations, and when barren skyscrapers have been placed, it is usually to fill a space: to provide décor, where otherwise, the city in question may feel either too empty or too cramped. There must be breathing room between different locations as not to make the city itself feel too small, and that’s understandable.

As I see it, your buildings lack these logistics. Their forms are nearly identical, the buildings have no interior, the roads are long and undecorated (there is a heavy need for traffic lights, street lights, post boxes, trees, bins, manholes, etc.) Your buildings’ windows are bright and neon, but otherwise dark and black. Not only does this makes no sense, but it’s actually uncomfortable to look at. Where you have included trees, they are all identical in shape, size and colour, and constitute a grid pattern that completely defies the laws of nature. Instead of rivers, your bridges cross night-sky voids. What I propose you do is focus on terrain.

Terrain can be placed onto your map via the Roblox terrain feature and recoloured by going into Explorer and clicking Terrain in Workspace, then modifying its colour in Properties. Terrain is the fundamental part of any build and right now? Your game is in dire need of it.

So, in summary:

  • The buildings are too homogeneous, boring, uncomfortable to look at. There needs to be colour, passion, originality, and vitality, as well as an actual purpose to those buildings.
  • There needs to be terrain that is consistent and aesthetic.

Pictures I used while making this judgement. They may be of some help to you as well.
How buildings can look good
The building style of Bloxburg


You should have offset to 0 and have scale to any number so all screens would be able to see the UI. I’m not sure if that’s how you wanted the UI’s though it looks out of place that’s why I wanted to point this out.