Rate my GFX, I would like some feedback

I would like to get feedback on some of my newer gfx commissions. ?/10

Old ones (for reference):


It’s pretty good to me. :slight_smile:

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Might want to make the images smaller since we can’t see the full image on DevForum. Anyways, from what I can see, looks pretty good though the Fort Mach… doesn’t fit so well with with the image. You might want to try to change it to a more piratey or intense look? Other than that, looks pretty nice.


I like them. My favorite is the Shadow squad one. I think you should change some fonts and color of the text.

Thats all I could think of at the moment, good job on all of them! 7/10

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Looks pretty cool, I generally love the third and sixth picture because the clothing is amazing and I also work with the clothing group. Try making the scenery better and you are all set :slight_smile:


Wow, this GFX are actually pretty impressive. From my past what i have seen ( I am not a GFX Artist ) This is actually one of the best ive seen. Good Job.

Looks amazing to me, I like the design and effort.

Renders are really nice bud! Only thing I would suggest to bring your thumbnails to life would be to make it look like the characters are in the backgrounds themselves, this can be achieved by either adding lighting highlights and shadows using the brush tool and turning the blending option to ‘Overlay’ in your editing software or by using custom HDRI images when rendering in your programme. There are some really amazing tutorials on youtube that you can watch!

I like your gfx but what is missing is a base

Consider scaling down the character’s width in that second photo?

I think you accidentally replied to my post :wink:

Might be more efficient (in terms of the thread author reading it) to re-respond by replying to his message.

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oh yeah i did lmao my bad :rofl:


Thank you all for your feedback, I really appreciate it and I will take in your suggestions! :grin:

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