Rate my map in new game

Hello friends, I would like to receive your assessment of our map with my friend, we are working on it, and we are creating a game. (you can give your ideas what else you can add)


“Sell me muscles”?? AHHH image

Lol jk I like the map it gives off a spooky vibe.

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I don’t know how else it was possible to come up with and wrote what came to mind, then they will rewrite it all over again

It looks ok, I would suggest making it a bit brighter though.

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The brick placement on the buildings look really awkward, and I suggest also making the bricks a little bit thicker.

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Im not going to lie its a giant flat landscape with straight block walls.
What’s more is that its a poor imitation of an already terrible game with 0 originality.

Hey! I think the Halloween theme is really nice, please just explain what the game is about please!