Rate the first UGC

Hello! Today I went into the blender for the first time and wanted to make a hat. It didn’t turn out very well when imported into roblox studio and I evaporated it, making it smooth and for the shoulder. Name: Shoulder Chinese Friend.


I am absolutely flabbergasted. This is the best creation I have ever seen! I want a chinese fiend.


You really. and rofl?))) So, im soon UGC


I really want a chinese friend. For your first creation on blender, this is good. :grinning:

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Can we see it in action if possible? It looks good though.

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Загрузка RobloxScreenShot20220828_224436826.png

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It looks ok but I don’t really think there is much to the UGC. It’s just a mini hat and a small character.

I do think it will look way better textured as well.

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Yes, I understand that. It’s just that initially I made a hat, but due to problems with importing from a blender, this figure happened. I edited it a little bit and got a friend. In principle, as for the shoulder, it seems normal in my opinion

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mr white its chemically impossible

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i love this ugc item. can it be my friend too :smiley_cat: