Raw Converter — Load Raw Code with Ease!

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Raw Converter

Are you planning to paste the URL to the script but you have loads of these URLS? Don’t worry, because this plugin has got you!


How to use

  1. Select an Script, LocalScript, or even ModuleScript
  2. Add an Attribute called URL
  3. Get the link of the raw code (must not have a domain from roblox) and put it as the attribute
  4. Go to the Plugins Tab (if not opened)
  5. Press “Update URL” button
  6. Check the code


  • This can work when selecting multiple Scripts, which makes it better!
  • It instantly loads the code so you can get it without presing Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V!
  • You need to allow permissions for “Script Injection” and “HTTP Requests”, otherwise, it won’t work!
  • You can now see it being updated in real time!
  • Supports any URLs except URLs from Roblox and Discord!
  • You can Undo the Change!


They’re now at this topic to clean the post up:

Github Repo:


Seems good. Can you maybe post a sample video to showcase the plugin (if possible)?

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I can’t due to discourse’s limitations, I want to do so but I can’t, I want an alternative way :confused:

EDIT: added the video in :slight_smile:

I’m here to share some of my plans for this plugin

  1. Creating an extension for Visual Studio Code so it can work with any programming language and users at Rojo, Argon or similar extensions to load the code

  2. Making JSON GET for the item information, creator information, and more

  3. Make the attribute URL not required, and attribute JSONInfo required where you have to put the JSON URL it provides (not sure if I can do something for .toml files as Wally, Selene and More uses .toml files to get information and must be put in a github repository)

  4. Make a list of all the supported items in a website along with JSON Information (I will not make a topic in #bulletin-board as you can only put Youtube, Twitter, Twitch, Github, GitLab and Trello and I do not have a GitHub account)

The video is outdated so just ignore it for now…

I’m wondering how I could configure .toml files in lua, if not, then I would use an external programming app to achieve this

I would undo the recent change as my older works have the attribute and a recent plugin uses attributes, and it might not save

plans for v0.5

  • configurations for the plugins (rate limit, script limit, and path to instance), by default, these would be: 350, inf, ReplicatedStorage
  • code runner (uses loadstring() to load the code)
  • et cetera

I now updated the video so please check it out while you can

will add a github repo so you can create pull requests, issues, contribute and more