Ray intersect triangle

Without using a part and raycast,
is there a way, I can have a triangle in 3d space
aligned or not aligned with any particular axis
then also have a vector, that may or may not pass through the triangle

is there a way to determine if it passes though the triangle, and if it does, where the point of intersection with the triangle plane is?

if it makes things easier, the vector will be along the Y axis, but the triangle could be any sort of orientation

Thanks for any help

Luckily enough, this problem is not isolated to Roblox. Here’s a pretty succinct paper on the problem and it looks to be exactly what you need.

Thank you for the paper, however, its a bit complicated for me. I never did will with mathematical descriptions, but rather have to see it in code to understand what is going on.

Your answer gave me the proper terminology to search and find a similar article, that contains pseudo code.


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Oh perfect. Feel free to mark your own as the solution, as it’s probably more helpful to other people. I just found the top search result on Google.

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