Ray not casing in the right direction

Hi! I’ve been trying to figure out this problem for a while, and I can’t seem to figure out why my ray is going off to the left rather than on the other part across the way (see image). I’m trying to make it so it has a direct shot from Cam (The part that the ray is currently connected to.) to RaE (The part that isn’t connected to the ray.).

local Cam = game.Workspace:FindFirstChild("Cam")
local RaE = game.Workspace:FindFirstChild("RayPart")

while true do
	--Ray ignore list.--
	local RayIg = {workspace:FindFirstChild("Placed"), workspace:FindFirstChild("Cam"), workspace:FindFirstChild("RayPart")}
	--Create and commit ray.--
	local raycast = Ray.new(Cam.Position, RaE.Position)
	local part, pos = workspace:FindPartOnRayWithIgnoreList(raycast, RayIg, false, true)
	print(part, pos)
	local distance = (Cam.Position - RaE.Position).magnitude
	local pt = Instance.new("Part")
	--Display Ray.--
	pt.Position = pos
	pt.Size = Vector3.new(1, 1, distance)
	pt.Anchored = true
	pt.Material = Enum.Material.Neon
	pt.CFrame = CFrame.new(Cam.Position, pos) * CFrame.new(0, 0, -distance / 2)
	pt.Parent = workspace

I have put a part in the way of the neon part to make sure that it was the ray rather than the neon part that had an issue, and the ray did hit the part I put in the way.

That is not how Ray.new works.
It is
Ray.new(Start, Offset) where Start + Offset = End and Offset = End - Start

Oh, let me check. I haven’t developed in a while.

EDIT: Thanks, sorry for the mistake lol. I haven’t developed or used rays in a few months.