Raycast doesn't return what it should

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    The stop the Raycast from returning nil when it hits something

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When I raycast using the command line it’s fine, but when the script does it, it returns nil

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Repeating the raycast 8 times until it doesn’t get nil

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  1. When you activated the ProximityPrompt, is your hitbox not facing towards the climbable wall?

  2. Depending on when and/or how you are getting your params variable in your script, calling GetTagged may not include all the parts because it is either still loading or outside the range of streaming. Consider listening for newly tagged Instances and update accordingly, or update your filter just right before you raycast.

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  1. The hitbox is a part welded to the humanoidrootpart, it faces the same direction as the character
  2. This worked, thank you very much!
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