Raycast is not detecting any part inside of an NPC model

This one is pretty simple. I figured out that my raycasting isn’t detecting a basepart if it’s inside an NPC model.

I tried that. The ray casts too high. somebody in a previous thread told me to do direction - origin. Also, why would it work when outside of the model but not inside?

You’re not answering my question. The raycasting works only when the part defining the direction of the raycast is parented to the workspace only, not a model.

Yeah no. I think it’s a bug. Specifically the model which the rest of the NPC is in, the raycasting stops working.

No, there isn’t another object called “Soldier”

Nope, nothing is working. I think it’s a roblox bug.

I have my last-ditch solution. I have another part parented to workspace which the raycast is set to, which uses a weldConstraint to the torso of the soldier.