Raycast not reacting to non moving part

Hello! I was trying to make a ball kicking system, all its ok with that, but when i raycast the ball and the limb wich collides it, raycast only responds my request when ball is moving, if ball is not moving, it prints the ball wasnt touched, its hard to eplain, but basically its reacting when the ball is being moved.

I usually do all my touch detections with raycast, and this never happend, its odd for me, i have tried setting collision groups or using a hitbox attached to ball, but still dint worked, i would appreciate help!

If you need the code, here is it.

local r_w = l_l.Position -- Limb or hit
local e_l = h__c.CFrame.LookVector * 100 -- Ball
local q_v = RaycastParams.new() -- My settings
q_v.FilterDescendantsInstances = {nil}
q_v.FilterType = Enum.RaycastFilterType.Blacklist
local g_x = workspace:Raycast(r_w,e_l,q_v) -- Result

if (g_x and g_x.Instance) then
	-- Ownership and more lol
	print("Dint touched")

Thanks for reading, any help or tip will be really good for me, dont worry to comment or mark errors!