Raycasting working faster than physics

i spent long time for this… even more, i posted 4 similar topics. sorry.

I’m in this situation now. Raycasting works faster then physics.
same result without i seat on the seat.
i can’t slow the Raycast. but i have to slow(delay) the weld changing.
or change the Raycast.

Raycast Suspention.rbxl (41.0 KB)

this is the file. please, please help me!

You are concerned about the gap that the RayCast is making, correct?

yes that’s the problem maybe. how to get the gap time?

this is not related with RunService.Stepped:wait() and RunService.Heartbeat:wait()

It looks like the server and client aren’t synced. More specifically it looks like your client is lagging a bit and that’s why it’s faster. For the red outline, are you creating that on the client or the server?

Red outline and the park emitting red outline working on server.

however, it’s not ping issue. i already tested with 1000+ ping and 100- ping

this is not physics lag issue too.

and, not a script lag issue.

(the lagging gui game from
Square Legend - Roblox )