RB Obby Version 41

Ahoy Players! Welcome to our Version 41 of RB Obby Post!
As already announced we planned something big for the Summer as now we are ready to show the Update Notes Up!
This Update will be split into 3 Parts to keep our Player Base active!

  • 75 New Stages!:running_man:
  • 15 New Badges to Collect!:star:
  • New Summer Themed Lobby!:beach_umbrella:
  • 12 New Tools to collect!:balloon:
  • Updated UI💬
  • Less Pay 2 Win Content💰
  • Badge Checklist!:star:
  • LIMITED TIME Cosmetics Gamepass👕
  • Bug Fixes🤖
  • We are now using Ularix Graphics v3 as our Graphics Engine!:framed_picture:

:white_check_mark:We Really hope that sounds good to you, see you soon on June 1th, 2023 In-Game!:white_check_mark:

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